hot stone massage There’s nothing better than a day of beauty and relaxation! At Catherine & Company, we offer three spa packages, featuring our most popular services. Our staff makes sure every client feels comfortable and relaxed in our peaceful environment.

One of our most popular packages is the Ultimate Day of Beauty. Here are a few reasons to book your day of pampering from head to toe!

1. Massage

The Ultimate Day of Beauty includes a massage performed by one of our talented masseuses. This spa treatment not only reduces physical stress but also rebalances the hormones to alleviate mental stress.

Massages further reduce pain you may be feeling from exercise or everyday stress by relaxing the muscle tissues. Long-term, massage can also help improve muscle function! If you’re new to massage treatment, our Swedish Massage is a great option to promote overall wellness and reduce muscle tension.

2. Facial

We also have a variety of facials to enjoy during your Ultimate Day of Beauty. Facials are a great way to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. You will instantly feel soothed while we detox, moisturize and hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and clean.

Facials also promote blood circulation in your face. This can help prevent premature signs of aging and help the muscles in your face to contour and maintain elasticity. Try our Hydrating Facial and say goodbye to dry, flaky skin. We use high-quality products that replenish dry, mature or overexposed skin.

3. Body Treatment

A body treatment can help relieve muscle tension, especially around your shoulders, neck, back and legs. Not only will the treatment relax your body, but it can also relax your mind. Each treatment also softens skin and flushes toxins from the body for improved appearance.

You can also benefit from a body treatment if you are experiencing chronic pain. It can release endorphins in your body to reduce discomfort. A Mud Wrap can leave you feeling refreshed by detoxing and smoothing your skin.

4. Haircut and Style

An Ultimate Day of Beauty is not complete without a haircut and style! Consistently cutting your hair can help promote growth and prevent damage. For people of all ages, we specialize in all stages of hair and can suggest styling techniques to make you feel beautiful.

This is also the perfect chance to boost your confidence by trying something new. We can accommodate all style needs, including a full color job or highlights! Ask one of our expert stylists for options that will suit you best.

5. Pedicure

Complete your Ultimate Day of Beauty with a relaxing pedicure. We will exfoliate and moisturize your skin after soaking your feet in a heated whirlpool bath. This can increase blood flow to your feet which can help prevent pain, cramps or numbness.

Cleaning and removing rough skin can also prevent common fungal infections. A foot and leg massage will further reduce stress and tension, then you can choose a nail polish color that shows off your personality!
To schedule your Ultimate Day of Beauty at Catherine & Company, contact us today.