waxing woman's eyebrowsEyebrows add character to your face. Whether you keep them narrow or wide and well-groomed, waxing gives your brows a unique shape that can better define your features.

Yet results don’t last forever. Hair regrowth can be managed with light plucking, threading and cosmetics. To avoid overdoing it, learn how often you should wax your eyebrows.

General Timeframe

Base your decision on how quickly your hair grows back. Generally, waxing is not effective if there’s little hair to remove and may not detach the strand from the follicle. In fact, more hair is ideal for reshaping your brows, should you go in this direction.

For many people, a four to six-week gap between waxing appointments allows enough hair to grow back without your brows developing a shaggy appearance. If you feel that you need more hair or your brows grow back slower, six to eight weeks may be better.

Make sure to wax your brows together. Otherwise, hair growth ends up being uneven, with one eyebrow appearing patchier or thinner than the other. In all cases, new hairs begin to emerge after two weeks and this multiplies two or threefold in the weeks following. As another factor, look at the direction of new hair growth. If it’s starting to bend with the direction of your eyebrows, it’s time to be removed.

Grooming In Between

Establish a maintenance routine to keep the shape of your eyebrows by:

  • Tweezing: Light tweezing is a good method for removing errant hairs – just make sure not to over-tweeze.
  • Shaping: An appointment every three to four weeks can help maintain brow shape.
  • Cosmetics: Add definition and fill in patchy areas with brow powder or a brow pencil. You can also have your eyebrows tinted every four weeks.
  • Growth: If your brows have started to thin out, regularly apply castor oil to help improve hydration.

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