applying facial maskRoutine facials are a cornerstone of any skincare regimen. These treatments add hydration, address uneven texture and help brighten your complexion. Yet not all facials are identical, with methods and ingredients varying by skin type and issue.

If you struggle with acne or greasy skin, a deep-cleansing facial can help manage oil production and blemishes for a more matte, even appearance. Learn about the benefits of deep-cleansing facials.

What Is a Deep-Cleansing Facial?

Facials help remove toxins from pollutants and environmental exposure, all of which can contribute to a dry, aged and dull skin appearance, as well as acne and clogged pores. Treatment first opens your pores, then exfoliating products are applied to increase cell turnover.

Deep-cleansing facials also go through these steps, with the additional goal of improving skin texture. They enhance hydration, while helping to remove dead skin cells that contribute to a rough or dull appearance. Following the facial, you may find that your skin better responds to and absorbs products that improve hydration or treat the occasional acne flare-up.

Benefits of a Deep-Cleansing Facial

Deep-cleansing facials deliver multiple post-treatment benefits, including:

  • Your skin looks brighter and often younger.
  • Skincare products tend to work better, as layers of dead skin cells are removed and toxins extracted.
  • Your pores are less congested and you’re less likely to experience blackheads.
  • You may find that your face no longer develops an oily sheen or that oil production between your T-zone and the rest of your face is more balanced.
  • As facials enhance blood flow, textural issues may appear less pronounced and your skin has a smoother tone with fewer fine lines, dry areas and red patches.

Your facial can be customized using products and methods that factor in age-related changes, acne, scarring, rosacea, dry or oily texture or a dull tone.

What to Expect

While extractions and exfoliation are the key components of a deep-cleansing facial, anticipate the following:

  • Cleaning: First, any moisturizer or makeup will be removed and a cleanser applied to your face and neck area. These products, designed to deliver a deeper clean and remove dirt and toxins, are then washed off.
  • Steam: Steaming can produce a relaxing effect for some patients. This step softens the skin to help with exfoliation and extraction by causing you to sweat and release impurities in the process.
  • Exfoliation: A gel, mask or machine scrapes and sloughs off dead skin cells from the surface. Chemical solutions may partially dissolve any blackheads present.
  • Extractions: A tool will be used to gently remove whiteheads and blackheads, as well as clogged pores.
  • High-Frequency Light: A machine goes over the skin, designed to target bacteria and lessen inflammation.
  • Mask and Massage: A mask is applied to the skin to improve hydration and further draw out any sebum in your pores. Following, the mask is removed and a serum is applied to treat blemishes or calm sensitive skin.

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