Nothing says “relaxation” quite like a massage. Our second floor is completely devoted to spa services, where clients can unwind in a peaceful, quiet environment.

Whether you work on your feet all day, lead an active lifestyle or carry stress in your body, our massage services will leave you feeling brand new!

What treatments do we offer?

Swedish Massage

This classic massage treatment promotes overall wellness. For your first massage, the Swedish is a gentle yet effective introduction. Our masseuses work to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation and blood flow, improve joint mobility and promote healthy skin. In the process, our relaxing spa environment will leave you feeling calm and loose.

  • 30 Minutes$60
  • 60 Minutes$90
  • 90 Minutes$130


This specialized Swedish massage incorporates essential oils to balance the body and mind. Choose a scent and breathe in the aromatic air around you, as our staff works out the tension in your muscles. After an aromatherapy treatment, you will be left feeling relaxed, detoxified and rejuvenated!

  • 30 Minutes$65
  • 60 Minutes$95
  • 90 Minutes$135

Deep Tissue

Do you have chronic muscles spasms or certain trigger points that cause pain throughout the body? Deep tissue massage aims to relieve discomfort, while increasing flexibility and range of motion in the soft tissues and joints. This type of massage is a common choice for athletes looking to lengthen muscles after a workout, reduce pain and even sleep better!

  • 30 Minutes$70
  • 60 Minutes$100
  • 90 Minutes$140

Couples Massage

Plan a relaxing day with a friend or a romantic getaway with your partner at Catherine & Company Salon. We offer 60-minute couples massages! Select any of our massage treatments and enjoy it together in the same room. Two separate tables are used.

  • Only available in a 60 minute service$180 + Up

Prenatal Massage

The body endures much stress during pregnancy. Our gently-administered prenatal massages are safe throughout all three trimesters. It’s a great way to relieve the normal discomforts of pregnancy, including lower back and neck aches, fatigue and swelling. We use supportive pillows that are properly positioned for the safety of all moms-to-be!

  • 30 Minutes$70
  • 60 Minutes$100

Hot Stone Massage

Different sensations have varying effects on the body. Hot stones deeply enhance the relaxation response, balance energy flow and exfoliate skin. During a hot stone massage, enjoy the combination of smooth, heated, ocean-washed stones, along with the hands of a massage therapist for ultimate comfort.

  • 60 Minutes$105
  • 90 Minutes$145


Reflexology is a specialized technique that applies pressure to specific areas of the body to alleviate stress. Our reflexology massage combines these methods with aromatherapy and traditional massage to stimulate specific points on the feet. Experience feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation throughout the entire body!

  • 30 Minutes$60
  • 60 Minutes$95

Tension Relief

Where do you carry tension in your body? This type of massage is customized to relieve stress in these specific areas. Gentle techniques are designed to release the tension in your shoulders, neck, scalp and other commonly tense body parts. Our masseuses will spend time focusing on your individual needs to relax the body and help reduce feelings of stress.

  • 75 Minutes$110