When you arrive for a body treatment, you’ll be guided upstairs to a completely private and peaceful area. Let the quiet tranquility calm you, as we pamper you from head to toe!

When you lead a busy life, it can be hard to find time for self-care. Between work, errands and social obligations, we often let our own well-being take a backseat. If you’re feeling rundown or have lost that spark of self-confidence, turn to Catherine & Company Salon. We offer unique and rejuvenating body treatments that will leave you feeling great!
Massage Tables

Mud Wrap

A refreshing mud compound is applied over the entire body to help moisturize and clarify the skin. This purification treatment locks in moisture to keep skin from drying out. In addition to soft skin, other benefits include detoxification and relief from aching joints.

Salt Glow

Salt and botanical oils are combined into a scrub to exfoliate and stimulate the skin. Dead cells are polished away to reveal soft, hydrated and radiant skin. The salt glow treatment works wonders on dry winter skin and can help you tan more evenly!

Seaweed Wrap

We’ve all seen seaweed at the beach, but did you know it has surprising benefits for the skin? Naturally nourish, detoxify and stimulate the skin with this beautifully balanced concentrate of the ocean’s therapeutic nutrients. For this wrap, seaweed paste compounded with essential oils and botanical extracts is applied over the body.