woman applying a hair maskA hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment designed to heal damaged hair. These products are easy enough to be used on your hair from the comfort of home!

Hair masks are available in single-use treatments or, once you find your favorite one, a full container for several applications. If you’re feeling creative, you can make your own hair mask at home using avocado, coconut oil and other ingredients you already have on-hand!

How to Apply a Hair Mask

After washing your hair, massage the product from the roots to the tips. Depending on the specific product used, let it sit for the appropriate amount of time specified on the label. Finish the process by thoroughly rinsing your hair with warm water.

Why should you add hair masks to your beauty routine? Here are a few benefits.

Extra Nourishment

Similar to how a face mask nourishes and hydrates your skin, a hair mask supports and adds back moisture. They also provide extra nourishment beyond your regular hair conditioner. For softness and extra shine, look for masks with ingredients like aloe vera, avocado, coconut or Moroccan oils. Ask a stylist what products are recommended for your hair type.

Deep Conditioning

Hair masks are also known as deep conditioning treatments. Conditioning is important when trying to rehydrate and maintain healthy hair. Using a hair mask can help improve dry and frizzy hair by restoring and locking in moisture. They’re also a great way to help maintain color if you often highlight or color your hair.

Strengthens Hair

Through moisturization and nourishment, a hair mask can help prevent further damage and breakage. Unlike your daily conditioner, masks are concentrated to give your hair a much-needed boost of desired nutrients. Some of these include, folic acid, vitamin C and choline to strengthen your hair.

Promotes Growth

Using a hair mask can also promote and stimulate growth. Letting the mask soak into your hair can remove buildup and unclog hair follicles.
By preventing future breakage, hair masks can also lengthen hair over time. Scalp nourishment can increase blood circulation and ultimately promote hair growth.

How Often to Use

Hair masks should not be part of your everyday routine. Overuse can waste the product and actually leave your hair feeling and looking greasy.

How often you should use a deep conditioning treatment will depend on your hair type. Typically, hair masks are not recommended for use more than twice a week. Speak with your stylist to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of hair masks for your hair type.
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