blow drying woman's hairWhether you’re trying something new, making a statement or covering up unwanted grays, coloring your hair is a fun and popular way to refresh your style. Yet there are common misconceptions about the potential dangers of coloring your hair.

When done professionally, you can maintain your color and shine with regular hair appointments and at-home care. The stylists at Catherine & Company have a few ways to keep your hair healthy after coloring.

Use the Right Products

After coloring your hair, it’s crucial you find the right shampoo and conditioner. Avoid any products that could potentially strip the color or give your hair an unwanted tone or appearance. Sulfate-free products can help prevent the color from fading for any type of hair. Ask your stylist which products we recommend!

Having conditioned hair can help keep it moisturized, which also supports your color. Consider hair masks to help deep condition and strengthen hair.

Careful with Heat

Whether your hair is colored or not, it’s always important to be careful with heat. Too much heat can cause permanent damage and, after coloring, your hair becomes even more prone. Yet, there are ways you can prevent color stripping and overall harm to your hair.

First, keep the water cool when washing your hair. Hot water can dry it out and strip away moisture. Second, air drying after a wash is another great way to prevent heat damage.

Heated styling tools can also damage colored hair. Don’t worry – you can still curl or straighten your locks with the proper precautions. Use a heat protectant to seal moisture in before using styling tools. It’s also important to limit your usage – embrace the natural look of your hair every once in a while!

Wash Hair Less

When you color your hair, you want the new shade to last. Over-washing can dry hair out and fade the color quicker. Depending on your hair type, it’s recommended to wash every two to three days. Invest in a shower cap for the off days to prevent it from getting wet.

Dry shampoo for color treated hair can be a great alternative to use on off days. This product helps keep your locks from looking greasy in between washes.
Our expert stylists always stay up-to-date on the best practices for hair coloring, as well as the best products to maintain your new hue. To schedule a haircut or styling appointment, contact us today.