close-up of manicureDid you know your fingernails can help indicate how other parts of the body are functioning? According to Healthline, nail health can be a sign of poor nutrition or digestion issues.

Take a look at your nails on a regular basis to help identify the following conditions.

1. Loss of Strength

If your nails have become brittle, this could mean you are polishing too frequently or your nails are too dry. It may also be a sign of iron deficiency or an underactive thyroid.

Soft or weak nails can be caused by excessive use of chemicals like polish remover. Exposure to cleaning fluids can also cause your nails to become weak.

If avoiding these chemicals does not fix the issue, you may be suffering from a vitamin B or iron deficiency. Talk with your doctor to see what course of treatment is recommended.

2. Strange Color

What color are your natural fingernails? Without polish, yellow nails can indicate a fungal infection that’s normally treated with over-the-counter antifungal ointment. Yet in some cases, yellow nails could be a sign of conditions like thyroid disease, diabetes or lung disease.

If you notice your nails getting darker or black, this can be a sign of a worsening infection. See your doctor for treatment and to ensure it’s not a more serious condition like liver disease or melanoma.

White spots or pale nails usually indicate a deficiency including a lack of iron, zinc or protein. Bring any concerns to your doctor for the best diagnosis.

3. Different Texture

When the outside of your nail begins to peel, it often means you are applying too much pressure when removing nail polish or using certain tools. If it’s an internal issue, you could be suffering from a lack of iron.

Similar to peeling, ridges on your nails may indicate something more than external damage. This could be due to conditions like kidney disease or anemia. If you notice a change in nail strength, color or texture, consult your doctor for the best diagnosis and treatment option.
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