massaging woman's headHave you been suffering from tension headaches? Often caused by stress or lack of sleep, tension headaches can result in mild to moderate pain that interferes with your day. You could also be experiencing muscle tension from physical overexertion or poor posture.

In any case, this unwanted tightness can be alleviated with a Tension Relief Massage. Here are a few ways you can benefit from this spa treatment.

Relaxes Muscles

If your muscles are feeling achy, tender or stiff, you could have muscle tension. If not eased, this tension could lead to chronic pain. The gentle techniques used during this type of massage are designed to release the tension you carry throughout your body.

An increase in blood flow and specific focus on the connective tissues within the muscles can provide much needed relief in one session!

Rebalances Hormones

Physical tension can cause anxiety and discomfort, which may trigger a hormone imbalance throughout the body. Through massage, we can increase circulation in your endocrine system, where hormones are produced. A Tension Relief Massage can help direct hormones through your bloodstream to restore a sense of peace.

Massage is also known to increase dopamine levels in your body, the neurotransmitter that helps you feels happy!

Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the main causes of muscle tension. When you experience mental stress, your body reacts by tightening up its muscles. This can also cause tension in your shoulders, neck or back, which can eventually lead to painful tension headaches. A massage can lower your heart rate and increase relaxation to help loosen muscles and calm your body’s systems.

During a Tension Relief Massage, we will focus on your shoulders, neck, scalp and other body parts that commonly get tense.

Manages Pain

Muscle tension and stress can increase your level of pain and, which may cause chronic inflammation over time. When you are experiencing stress, your body’s cortisol levels rise, causing pain and increased blood pressure. By relaxing your body, decreasing inflammation and releasing tension, this type of massage can help your body heal. Managing your pain can also promote better sleeping habits and decrease stress!
The Tension Relief Massage offered at Catherine & Company is personalized to focus on your individual needs. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.