woman brushing hairNot all hairbrushes are created equal – did you know there are different types? Using the right brush for your specific hair type and length can do wonders! Here are a few kinds of hairbrushes and the benefits of using each.

All Hair Types: Detangling Brush

If you are constantly brushing out knots, a detangling hairbrush may be the solution to prevent possible damage. It can be used on wet or dry hair and works on all hair types!

The various lengths of the bristles make it much easier to separate knots without pulling out your hair. Detangling brushes are also made softer to provide a more gentle, less painful brushing experience.

Straight Hair: Paddle Brush

In your collection of hairbrushes, you likely have a paddle brush. With its large wide frame and cushioned bristles, this brush is perfect to smooth hair and quickly detangle on-the-go! The paddle brush can be ideal for straight hair. Its flat shape helps give your locks a sleek, smooth and lengthened look. It can also flatten any unwanted frizz.

Delicate Hair: Teasing Brush

This is not your everyday hairbrush. A teasing brush is useful when you’re looking to add volume or dimension to your hair. It’s a convenient tool to have when styling, as most brushes have a tapered tip at the opposite end to make separating hair into sections easier!

A teasing brush is great for very thin or more delicate hair. The soft bristles don’t tug as hard on your hair when its tangled.

Curly Hair: Denman Brush

If you have curly hair, you know brushing it out can sometimes create frizz and loosen your curls. The Denman Brush was specifically created to help detangle this type of hair, while strengthening and defining your curls.

There are many different styles of the Denman Brush to best suit diverse hair types. It’s also customizable and allows you to adjust the bristles to what works best for your needs.
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