woman applying moisturizerWith so many products available, you may be unsure which ones to include in your daily skin care routine. For smooth and vibrant skin, moisturizing is a must. Both men and women can benefit from a daily moisturizer to feel more youthful and confident. Here are a few reasons to add moisturizing to your regimen.

1. Prevents Dry Skin

One of the most common uses for moisturizer is to help prevent dry skin. To avoid flakiness and irritation, apply moisturizer to your skin. It’s formula works to hydrate the top layer of your skin and trap in existing moisture to prevent any further water loss.

Several factors can cause dry skin, including dry air or warm water. For the best results, apply moisturizer to your skin right after your shower or bath. Otherwise, water can strip away the natural oils on your skin, leaving it irritated and dry.

2. Reduce Appearance of Blemishes

When skin is dry, it produces more oil that can clog your pores and lead to acne breakouts. Using a moisturizer can keep your skin hydrated and reduce excess oil production. A moisturizer can also even out the appearance of existing blemishes with a tint or self-tanner. Yet if you’re prone to acne, make sure the product you choose is free of oil and artificial fragrance.

3. Quicker Cell Turnover

Removing dead skin is important for cell turnover. The process of shedding and producing new skin cells is key for soft and healthy skin. A faster cell turnover can also help prevent breakouts and wrinkles!

Most moisturizers also contain Vitamin A, which helps heal and support your skin to keep it healthy and hydrated. Vitamin A is also an antioxidant, which can help reduce inflammation and may prevent skin cancer.

4. Fights Wrinkles

While moisturizer does not completely get rid of wrinkles, it’s one of the best products to help improve their appearance. When applied, the product is absorbed by the skin and makes each wrinkle less deep. Moisturizer penetrates every crease and ultimately helps reduce the appearance of pesky fine lines. This will leave you with a healthy and fresh look!

5. Fights UV Rays

When shopping for a moisturizer, make sure it contains SPF. Even in the winter, applying SPF is crucial for protecting and maintaining healthy skin. Exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays without SPF can lead to permanent damage or skin cancer.

The sun can become harmful to your skin in as little as five minutes. It can cause wrinkles, a decrease in elasticity, uneven skin texture and blotchiness.
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