pre-natal massageAre you enjoying the beautiful journey of pregnancy? Bringing a new life into the world can be a great experience, but it may leave you feeling a bit run down.

It’s common to encounter some pain during pregnancy like cramping, intense pressure and soreness. If you’ve tried other methods of relief but haven’t found one to rely on, discover if prenatal massage may be the right choice for you.

Relieve Lower Back & Neck Aches

The body endures a lot of changes during pregnancy and tends to put excess strain on your lower back and neck. The extra weight pulling your pelvis forward can contribute to these aches and pains.

During a prenatal massage, our therapists will address any tight areas and help relax them by releasing any tension and encouraging an increase in blood flow.

On top of these benefits, you may notice an improvement in your circulation and mobility!

Improve Fatigue

With an intense amount of hormonal changes, you can expect to feel physically and mentally exhausted while pregnant. Instead of dealing with constantly low energy, a prenatal massage from one of our therapists can give you a much needed increase in serotonin and dopamine, the “happiness hormone”.

A prenatal massage can also help improve overall sleeping patterns. Getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy is not easy, however a prenatal massage can relax your nervous system to leave you feeling more calm and restful.

Reduce Swelling

Due to a lack of circulation, it’s very common for your feet and hands to swell during pregnancy. However, a massage can help stimulate the soft tissues to reduce the build-up of fluids. By improving circulation and blood flow to these areas, our massage therapists can help you feel more comfortable.

Tell your massage therapist which areas are giving you the most discomfort, so we can focus on reliving those symptoms!

Enjoy Relaxation

Pregnancy can take a toll on your physical and mental health – you deserve a break! At Catherine & Company, we are dedicated to providing every client a peaceful and quiet environment to unwind. We also use supportive pillows that are properly positioned for the safety and comfort of our moms-to-be.

A massage may be just what you need to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with pregnancy, and also give you the opportunity to get away for a little while!
Ready to experience the relaxation and relief you’ve been looking for during pregnancy? Contact Catherine & Company to book a prenatal massage today.