hairdresser washing woman's hairA deep conditioning treatment adds moisture to your hair by restoring the strength of its follicles. This treatment can also reduce damage caused by chemicals, heat and styling tools.

While this process can be done at home, you can rest assured the right products and application techniques are being used by the professionals at Catherine & Company. Consider the following signs that your hair may benefit from a deep conditioning treatment.

Dry Hair

If excessive coloring, sun exposure or certain medications have left your hair feeling dry, a deep conditioning treatment may be the best solution. This process nourishes your hair with the ingredients needed to make it soft and healthy.

Everyone’s hair is different, so make sure you find the correct products with ingredients that will work best for your hair type. If you notice that your hair tangles more than normal, a deep conditioning treatment can help improve its texture to prevent dry strands from matting or snagging on each other.

Weak Hair

Is your hair struggling to hold heat from a curling iron or straightener? That may be a sign its dehydrated, which can cause hair to become weak, easily shed and break. Deep conditioning can repair this level of hair damage.

The process works to improve elasticity, meaning how much your hair can stretch before breaking. Incorporating a deep conditioning treatment into your hair routine can allow for better resistance and ultimately help prevent split ends.

Lack of Shine

If you’re noticing your hair is more frizzy than usual or lacking shine, it may be time to consider a deep conditioning treatment. Some people have hair that allows moisture to escape easier, giving it a duller look. Others may find their scalp unable to produce enough of the natural oils hair needs to stay moisturized. A deep conditioning treatment can help replenish these oils your hair needs to stay hydrated, moisturized, soft and shiny!


Using too much conditioner can over-moisturize your hair and end up causing more damage. Talk with your stylist to see how often this treatment is recommended for your hair type and style, as well as the best products to use.
Do you think it’s time for a deep conditioning hair treatment? Schedule an appointment with Catherine & Company today!