When the holiday season passes and winter officially sets in, many of us experience dry skin, aching joints and decreased mood. Combat those feelings of seasonal affective disorder and keep your body in better condition by taking the time to pamper yourself!

At Catherine & Company Salon, we offer a variety of spa treatments that will have you looking and feeling great from the inside out. The following four treatments are great to try during winter.

Massage Therapy

We offer 10 different massage treatments yet, especially if you are new to massage therapy, the classic Swedish massage provides all the benefits you need this time of year, including:

  • Stress Relief
  • Smooth Skin
  • Circulation
  • Immune Boost

Did you know massage increases the body’s production of white blood cells? Lymphocytes, the main type, play a big role in virus prevention.

Mud Wrap

Body wraps moisturize skin and help rid the body of toxins. After a busy holiday season, a rejuvenating mud wrap would be the perfect gift to yourself! The treatment includes skin exfoliation, application of a refreshing mud compound and nourishing lotion to lock in moisture after the mud is removed.

If you have arthritis or sore muscles from exercise, a mud wrap can provide relief and relation.

Hydrating Facial

Facials are a popular skin care treatment for overall health or to treat specific skin conditions. Our Hydralessence Face treatment uses intense hydration to give a boost to flaky skin, which is especially beneficial after exposure to cold weather.

The experience begins with your choice of aromatic essential oils to create a calming atmosphere. Once the hydrating mask is applied, a face and neck massage will get the blood flowing and help increase collagen production to fight off wrinkles.

Spa Pedicure

Very few people wear flip flops during New England winters, but that doesn’t mean our feet should be neglected! Our 60-minute spa pedicure pampers one of the body’s hardest working parts with a warm foot soak, toenail and cuticle maintenance, callus removal and a foot and leg massage to stimulate circulation.

Cold weather restricts the blood vessels and impedes circulation, so the extended massage during our spa pedicure increases blood flow.
Start the New Year with a commitment to self-care. Our spa services will leave you feeling brand new this winter! To schedule an appointment, contact us today.