shattered glass blue manicureNail styles in 2023 are all about boldness and texture. Tradition, demureness and subtlety are secondary to bright colors and retro influences. No matter if you prefer gel or acrylic nails, give your look an upgrade with the following tips.

Bold and Multicolored Nails

Your nails are now a statement themselves, rather than a finishing touch to your look. This approach starts with colors. Bold, saturated and bright shades have taken over, from gem tones to pastels for spring and sparkling metallics. Even with a solid color, your nails demand to be seen!

Multicolored nails also increase the statement appeal. Sometimes called “Skittle” nails, this style involves painting each nail a different solid color for a rainbow effect.

Retro Colors and Patterns

Influences for nail art go back to patterns from the 1960s and ‘70s, particularly psychedelic, multicolored swirls, then veer toward the late ‘90s with airbrushing to blend multiple shades. Shapes and glitter also accentuate the Y2K vibe that’s been taking over fashion the past few years and has since spread to nails.

Nail art also seems to have a moderate affinity for the early 2010s. As Gen Z rebrands the styles of this period as “indie sleaze”, ombré nails translate a popular colorway to the fingertips. Two contrasting colors are blended and faded from tip to cuticle before being sealed with a topcoat.

Textured Effect

Take the boldness up a notch with a textured effect. For 2023, popular choices mimic clothing and jewelry, often using multiple textures. Some trends spotted include:

  • Knit-like textures
  • Embellishments like rhinestones
  • Y2K-esque glitter
  • Velvet and fuzzy textures
  • Decals
  • A mix of matte and topcoats
  • Nail piercings

Chrome or Glazed Nails

Simply a rebranded donut polish, this trend involves applying a colored to milky glaze-like coating for a glossy appearance. These colors can be used alone or over an opaque or sheer base shade for a secondary dimension of color that also adds a bit of shine.

Jelly Nails

Jelly nails are reminiscent of similarly named shoes from the ‘80s and ‘90s. A transparent, shiny shade in a bright color is added to the nail alone or over another color – typically pastel and fruit-inspired shades. When layered with other polishes, it has a stained glass-like effect.

Micro French Manicure

Not everything from the 2000s has returned. The squared off, distinctive French manicures from that time have been reworked into what’s known as a micro or baby French: a modest, toned-down neutral look that’s easy to maintain. Added to a shorter nail, this style involves a thinner, narrow white tip contrasting against the base coat.
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