beautiful woman with bob hairstyleSome of the most in-demand haircuts for 2023 signal a 1990s revival. We’re also seeing an appreciation for 1970s-esque textures, particularly feathered layers and the shag. If you’re looking to update your look, here’s what’s on our radar.

C-Shaped and Curved Cuts

This style is a mid-length, softer U-shape with more layers designed to frame your face. At a glance, it resembles the 1990s “Rachel” cut with more balance, fullness and a round shape. This time around, the hair style works with more textures and requires less maintenance.

Shoulder-Length Layered Hair

The current version of this style alludes to the ‘90s, adding more internal layers and texture for distinction and movement. This hairstyle looks best with a blowout.

Short Bob

Also called the “bixie” for its textured effect, bobs started returning last year with the soft bob and French girl bob. While bangs add distinctiveness, this bob is blunter and squared off, with more layers and some cropped fringe for movement.

Hybrid Cuts

This cut puts together two hair styles: one in front and another in back or on the top and bottom. This mix-and-match approach has brought back the mullet, with more shag this time around. Hybrid cuts have also led to a mixture of ‘70s and ‘90s details, including mid-length, blunted and layered styles with fringe or a feathered texture.

More Volume

This is not an ‘80s big-hair revival, but uses texture to increase volume. Curls have become one way to achieve this look yet unlike with longer barrel curls, natural textures get cut in a way so that the coils unfurl more organically. The result is more length and body on the top and sides.

Curtain Bangs

A couple of years ago, curtains were revived by men’s hairstyles and started catching on with women in 2022. Center parts make them more convenient, whether they frame the face or get tucked behind the ears. While not a full haircut alone, curtain bangs tend to complement bobs and shoulder-length styles, creating the illusion of more volume.

Butterfly Hair

This longer cut frames the face with a series of shorter layers and greater length toward the shoulder. It works for all types of hair, from straight to natural waves and curls.

Octopus Hair

Ultimately a butterfly cut on a greater scale, octopus hair is amplified with more layers past the shoulders for volume. A shag element gives it more of a swirly quality.

Wolf Cut

This updated mullet started making the rounds on TikTok last year. Now it’s a hybrid cut adding shag texture to soften the overall appearance, volume on top and more movement.

Shorter Shag

A shag texture is also being paired with shorter cuts for more texture and movement, including bobs and pixies.

Bottleneck Bangs

These bangs resemble the shape of a bottle – slimmer and shorter at the middle before fanning out toward the eyes and cheekbones. These create fewer strong lines, just brush over the cheekbones and have an overall softness that fades into the rest of the hair.

Winter Flannel Highlights

This effect adds small, ribbon-like highlights to darker-colored hair. The result is a chunky, contrast-heavy style that frames the face and highlights the hair’s movement.
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