woman enjoying massageIf you have an active lifestyle or are constantly on your feet, massage can help reduce pain, tension and soreness, while increasing relaxation. At Catherine & Company, we offer a number of massage treatments to help you unwind in a peaceful and quiet environment.

After your appointment, you can keep the post-massage feeling for longer! Here’s how you can continue reaping all the benefits of your massage treatment.

Stay Hydrated

During a massage, unwanted toxins are released from the body’s tissues. It’s important to drink water before and after your massage to help flush out these impurities. Staying hydrated after a massage can also help to boost your immune system!

Try our Swedish Massage. Gentle yet effective, this treatment helps reduce muscle tension, increase circulation and blood flow, improve joint mobility and promote healthy skin.

Eat Healthy

Watching your diet post-massage can have many benefits. A heavy meal loaded with carbs can make you feel bloated and tired. Consider preparing a delicious meal of healthy proteins and vegetables to help keep you energized and alert. The more vitamins and nutrients, the better for your body! Foods like chicken, asparagus, broccoli and whole grain rice are a few options to build a nutritious meal.

Try our Deep Tissue massage, which aims to relieve discomfort, increase flexibility and range of motion in the soft tissues and joints.

Take It Easy

Avoiding stress is one of the best ways to maintain your post-massage glow. After your appointment, head home and grab a book to read with a cup of tea. Embrace this “me time” by listening to your body, resting, eating nutritious meals and getting some light exercise. There are many ways to be physically active, while still taking it easy. For example, instead of an intense cardio workout, consider yoga or a leisurely outdoor walk.

Try our Hot Stone Massage, which helps enhance the relaxation response, balance energy flow and exfoliate the skin.
Make an appointment with the masseuses at Catherine & Company for the ultimate relaxation experience!