woman washing hair in showerMany people enjoy a steaming hot shower to start the morning or end a long day. In addition to feeling great, your muscles become more relaxed and start to promote better blood flow. Yet it’s important to know the benefits of cold water for skin and hair health.

To find the ideal water temperature for your shower routine, here’s what you should know about the effects of hot and cold water on your hair.

Benefits of Cold Water

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, rinsing it with cool water can help lock in moisture. This will keep your scalp hydrated long after you get out of the shower. Using colder water can also help lock in natural oils, leaving your hair smooth and shiny!

Cons of Cold Water

Other than being a little uncomfortable, there are not many cons to washing your hair with cold water. However, it’s possible that locking in extra moisture can weigh down your hair and leave it looking less voluminous. Ask the professional stylists at Catherine & Company for the best products and techniques to add more volume to your hair!

Benefits of Hot Water

When you take a hot shower, the warm water helps remove any dirt and oil buildup in your hair and scalp. Hot water should be used to wash your hair during the initial rinsing process. Massaging your scalp with hot water can also help stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and promote growth!

Cons of Hot Water

Although it feels nice, try not to use extremely hot water when shampooing, conditioning and rinsing your hair. Higher temperatures can dry out your hair, causing it to become brittle and more easily breakable. Over time, this can lead to excessive frizz and pesky split-ends. If you color your hair, using hot water can fade the color quicker.
No matter your hair type, it’s important to end your routine with cold water! For more tips on how to maintain healthy hair, contact the professionals at Catherine & Company today!