Skin is the largest organ in our body, with the average person carrying about eight pounds. We must treat our skin properly, so it can work for us. The skin protects us from the elements, wards off infection and helps regulate body temperature, among other functions.

When your skin starts to feel irritated or lacks a natural glow, facials can renew it. Depending on skin type, what’s the best facial treatment for you?


If you’ve used a variety of cleansers, moisturizers and serums with no adverse reaction, you have normal skin. A classic facial, such as our Le Grand Classique, is a European method that deeply cleans pores and purifies the skin. Regular facials keep skin healthy and refined.


Overactive glands that secrete too much oil make you more prone to acne. If you’re in a constant battle with pimples and other blemishes, an extracting facial is the solution. Rather than using oils and moisturizers that can clog pores, the European facial focuses on exfoliation and deep cleansing.


Skin that has a dull appearance is likely covered in dead skin cells. When over-the-counter facial lotions do not provide the moisture your skin needs, you need a hydrating facial. Our Hydralessence treatment replaces a flaky appearance with replenished and soothed skin.


Delicate complexions can be more prone to conditions like acne and rosacea. These disorders do not respond well to harsh chemicals. Our Alpha Vital facials uses the Alpha Hydroxy process to shed dead skin cells and reveal soft, youthful skin without irritation.


Depending on the season, people with combination skin may experience dryness or oiliness. There are two options for this skin type: Alpha Vital, which we mentioned does not use harsh chemicals and Microdermabrasion, which scrapes away dead skin cells with natural mineral crystals. Our microdermabrasion treatment also combines some elements of the Hydralessence facial for softness and hydration.

Yon-Ka Skincare

At Catherine & Company Salon, we exclusively use Yon-Ka Paris skincare products for our facials. The French brand name represents energy, perpetual renewal and eternal healing.

Since 1954, Yon-Ka has delivered long-lasting results with its proven formula of natural actives and essential oils. We recommend Yon-Ka to our customers for skin rejuvenation and to address common dermatological issues or the natural effects of aging.
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