hairstylist trimming woman's hairOver the years, you’ve likely heard varying opinions on how often you should get a haircut. When deciding to go for a trim, there are multiple factors at play.

What to Consider Before a Trim

While every six to eight weeks was once the standard, some stylists are now recommending every three to four months. Growing out your hair is a different story. Letting it grow can result in visible split ends, shedding and breakage.

To keep your hair healthy, at least one inch should be trimmed off every 12 weeks if you’re lengthening it. This approach may seem counterproductive, as hair grows about half an inch every month, but it helps improve the appearance as your hair gains length and reduces split ends. If you have bangs, they need to be treated separately.

Bangs should be trimmed every two weeks, otherwise they can grow too long and eventually fall over your eyes. Along with these factors, you’ll want to get your hair cut if:

  • You’re noticing split or fraying ends
  • Your hair looks or feels dry
  • You can’t easily get a brush or comb through it
  • You’re noticing tangles toward the end of your hair
  • The texture appears to have changed
  • Your hair doesn’t style as well
  • You routinely use heat or chemicals on your hair
  • Your hair is shedding more than usual

Trims In Relation to Your Hair Style

The length you want to maintain further influences how frequently you should have a trim:

  • Short Hair: Aim for every month to six weeks. Otherwise, your hair will start to grow and no longer frame your face in the same way.
  • Medium Length or Bobs: If your hair falls between your shoulders with no visible damage or the layers don’t look overgrown, trim it every three to four months.
  • Long Hair: Your hair likely grows slower at this length, so it doesn’t need a trim as often. Based on visible damage and how you style your hair, two to six months may suffice. If you regularly use heated styling tools, consider more regular appointments.
  • Layered Hair: If your hair has visible, chunky layers, consider going for a trim at least every six weeks to maintain evenness and avoid noticeable overgrowth.

When to Schedule a Trim Based on Hair Type

Along with the style you’re looking to maintain, also factor in your hair type:

  • Thin, finer hair tends to show breakage and split ends sooner, so it needs to be trimmed more frequently – ideally, every six weeks
  • Thicker, voluminous and coarse hair can go a few months without a trim
  • Wavy or curly hair should be cut every six to 12 weeks unless there’s damage

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