woman selecting hair color at salonIf you’ve never dyed your hair at home or a salon, the thought can be intimidating. Are you ready to make a change to your appearance, but don’t know what to expect from color treatment? Before you take the plunge, consider the following key points.

Do Your Research

The professionals at Catherine & Company Salon have extensive experience with semi-permanent and permanent hair color, highlighting and retouching. While our stylists are a great resource, it’s best to have an idea of what you want before coming in.

Some people may feel pressured to make a quick decision or agree to a suggestion they later dislike, so it’s important to have your own inspiration in mind!

For instance, of you want to go blond bring photos of what you like. There are dozens of shades of blond and we want to meet your expectations.

Know What to Expect

Before your first color treatment, book a consultation with a stylist to discuss the factors at play, including how your hair could be affected. This is your opportunity to ask questions and possibly see the process in action with another client.

It’s essential to properly care for colored hair, which will be outlined by your stylist. In the short-term, you may experience skin irritation, itching or redness – the scalp is a very sensitive area. Over time, dying your hair may also change the natural texture or volume.

Making Color Last

Before your appointment, use a clarifying shampoo to deeply clean and remove any buildup from haircare products.

After your hair is colored, stock up on the essentials; shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and styling products with sun protection are a good start.

Keep in mind, the level of maintenance will vary by color. Neutral shades require less upkeep than bright colors like red, which tend to fade easier. If you’re looking to combat grays, choose a color close to your natural shade.

It’s An Investment

Dying your hair is a financial investment. Like regular haircuts, manicures and facials, hair color requires upkeep beyond the initial dye job. Discuss with one of our stylists how often maintenance will be needed, based on the type of dye job and desired hair color.

Think about how often you may want to touch up the roots or completely change colors and make sure you’re in the right financial position for a long-term commitment.
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