professional hair coloringDuring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’re unfortunately unable to see clients. We look forward to your next cut and color when we reopen but in the meantime, we do not encourage clients taking matters into their own hands.

In particular, hair color should be applied by a trained professional to avoid common, often costly mistakes. Here are four reasons to avoid at-home color treatments.

Our Stylists Are Trained

The hairstylists at Catherine & Company Salon are professionally trained to apply hair color. From highlights and lowlights to the full head, it can be very tricky to get color applications just right without the proper experience.

You could easily leave the color on too long, not long enough or distribute it unevenly. Our stylists also have the knowledge to address specific hair needs. For instance, to properly cover grays, you often need a darker color for your roots than the rest of your head.

You Lack Proper Treatments

Before color is applied to your hair, it’s important to remove any buildup from styling products and previous hair coloring jobs; this requires more than a deep shampoo. Hair clarifying treatments remove residue and help ensure the new color is evenly distributed.

Once the color is applied, these steps will also increase its life cycle. Professional hair dye typically lasts longer than boxed color, due to our advanced application process. At your appointment, we can also recommend post-color treatment to extend its vitality.

Color Should Be a Conversation

What you see is not always what you get. Oftentimes, the color on the box has been edited for marketing purposes. It can also be overwhelming to make a choice on your own, when there are dozens of shades that all look the same.

When you work directly with one of our stylists, we can discuss the look you want to achieve and mix exactly what you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Can Be Expensive to Color Correct

Corrective color first requires a consultation to determine what went wrong and what you want to achieve. From here, it can take anywhere from hours to multiple appointments to neutralize the old color, address the condition of your hair and apply the desired shade.
If you’re running low on hair products, want to learn more about our services or schedule a future appointment, contact us today!