woman with wavy hairWhen it comes to your hairstyle, are you looking to try a new look? Short hair might be the way to go! Many women are ditching their long locks and sporting new, shorter cuts.

Hair that’s shoulder length or shorter makes it easier to maintain and style. Here are a few casual styling tips for short hair.

1. Braids

Braids are a great way to add some flair to any look. Short pigtail braids are perfect when wearing hats or head scarves, which can help draw extra attention to the style.

You could also create a braided headband by French-braiding a section of your hair, moving downwards from your part towards your ear. With this style, you decide the braid thickness and whether you finish off the look by clipping the rest of your hair back or leaving it down!

2. Headband

Throwing on a headband can be a perfect on-the-go solution when styling your hair in little time. You can take your headband game to the next level by choosing different sizes, colors and patterns to match certain outfits. Not only does a headband add to your overall look, it also keeps hair out of your face. These hair accessories are ideal in the summer to provide some relief from the heat.

3. Salt Spray

Achieve the classic post-beach look by using salt spray. You can purchase this hair product pre-made or make your own from home using warm water, sea salt and coconut oil! Salt spray adds body and texture to hair, helping you achieve a natural wave. It has benefits for all hair types, no matter how thick or thin. It’s also helpful when trying to tame frizz!

4. Half Up-Do

This hairstyle can be achieved many different ways, using elastics, cute clips or bobby pins to pull the top half of your hair back. If you’re looking to add another layer to the look, braid two side pieces and tie them together in back. You can also style casually to keep hair out of your face during exercise!
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