blond woman getting a haircutHow often do you get your hair cut? Maybe you’ve put off your next appointment because you like the current length of your hair or don’t see the need for a trim yet.

Regardless of length and style, regular cuts are crucial to maintain healthy hair. How often may vary depending on how fast your hair grows but typically, people get a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks. More specifically, men and those with shorter haircuts need appointments every 4 to 5 weeks, while people with longer hair can go 6 to 8 weeks.

Here are a few reasons why consistent haircuts are important.

1. Split Ends

The longer you go without getting a trim, the more obvious your split ends become. Split ends are frayed hair strands that separate into fragments.

If not taken care of, your hair may be left susceptible to further damage. Even a subtle trim can help tame split ends, while still maintaining your desired length and style. Those who desire longer hair should also get consistent haircuts or trims. Eliminating broken or split ends can actually help your hair grow longer, faster!

2. Damage

It’s a misconception that longer hair is more vulnerable to damage – hair can become damaged at any length. Common causes include stress, dryness and heat damage.

The majority of hair damage comes from heat implements, such as holding a curling or flat iron too close to the hair. To combat problems caused by heat damage, you can apply a thermal protectant spray before using heat appliances and get regular trims.

To maintain healthy and fresh hair, it’s important to keep up with regular haircuts. A good cut can help repair your hair, so it feels cleaner and lighter!

3. Style

Your overall look is another reason to get a haircut or trim. Especially during these trying times, the refreshed feeling you get after leaving the salon can help boost your confidence.

You can expect your hair to be easier to manage and maintain after a revitalizing cut. For those with frizz-prone hair, consistent cuts can help prevent this wiry look.

It can also be fun to change up your style once in a while. Maybe try a shorter look or add some layers! When it comes to changing up your hair, the options can be virtually endless.
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