makeup artist applying wedding day makeup to brideCongratulations, you’re getting married! You have chosen a dress, venue and table settings but have you thought about bridal makeup?

While you can do your own, multiple factors should be considered, from looking your best on this big day to ensuring the makeup comes through well in photos. As such, the guidance of a professional for yourself and the bridesmaids is often recommended. Here’s what you should know to get started.

Bridal Makeup Basics

The overall goal is to have your makeup contrast yet complement your dress. Bridal makeup should be even and smooth with a glowing or dewy texture. With this in mind, brides-to-be are advised to avoid trying:

  • An entirely new look. An experimental look is not ideal for bridal makeup. Aim for an elevated, enhanced version of your everyday look.
  • Something overly trendy. When looking back on your wedding pictures years from now, you’ll want to see a timeless look that highlighted your natural beauty.

As you prepare for a bridal makeup appointment at Catherine & Company:

  • Get Ready For Your “Trial”: At least three weeks before the wedding, meet with a makeup artist to discuss your vision. Compile photos and ideas for inspiration, taking into account your hair and skin color.
  • During Your Makeup Trial: Wear a similar shade as your dress and take a few pictures at the appointment. This will give you an idea of how your makeup will look in photos taken at your wedding.
  • Take Care With Tanning: A spray tan can throw off the appearance of wedding makeup and create a stronger contrast against the dress. If you want to be tanner, let your artist know, so the makeup can be adapted around a bronzer skin tone.
  • Consider Makeup Maintenance: Prepare for touchups on your big day and make sure your makeup has time to fully set.
  • Prioritize Skincare: Don’t change your routine ahead of the wedding. Keep up with your standard cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing. If you’re someone who waxes, have these procedures done at least a week before your wedding to anticipate any redness or breakouts.
  • Don’t Forget About Your Bridal Party: During appointments, coordinate a cohesive group aesthetic across hair and makeup that aligns with and complements your look.

Bridal Makeup Components

Your appointment with a professional makeup artist will touch on:

  • Foundation: This acts as a canvas, delivering an even, balanced and dewy appearance that camouflages pores and blemishes. On your wedding day, avoid foundations with SPF, as this can result in a solid white look through flash photography. Put SPF on first and let it fully sink into your skin before foundation is applied. To achieve the desired evenness, your makeup artist may use an airbrush foundation and combination of highlighter and contour for more natural results. Powder helps set these components to prevent smearing, fading or oil from coming through.
  • Your Lips: Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips before the wedding reduce a flaky appearance. For color, brides-to-be have three general choices. Lip stain delivers a more subtle appearance and is less likely to rub off. Traditional lipstick makes an impact but is more likely to wipe off throughout the day and can create a glare in photos. Lip gloss amplifies the effects of lipstick, adding even more glare.
  • Shimmer: This can serve as a highlight, but also has potential to appear too iridescent and create a glare in pictures. Shimmer products will be applied selectively, subtly and be free of glitter.
  • Eye Makeup: Your makeup artist will highlight the eyes through a mix of softer yet deep shades like grays, browns and purples that help them pop. Lashes will also be factored in, with individual strands used to volumize and create a lengthening effect.
  • Full Body Makeup: For an even presentation, expect to have body makeup applied to your neck, collarbones and back.
  • Waterproof Products: Regardless of tears shed or the weather, you want your makeup to stay put. As such, the foundation and mascara used for your wedding day will be waterproof.

As you prepare for your wedding day, schedule an appointment for bridal makeup at Catherine & Company! Contact us today to learn more about our services.